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EnerSys Marks 50,000th NexSys Battery Sale in the U.S.

EnerSys Marks 50,000th NexSys Battery Sale in the U.S.

August 14, 2019 – EnerSys delivered its 50,000th NexSys battery to one of California’s community colleges, Santa Monica College.

NexSys batteries will provide the college with a power solution for its fleet of personnel carriers. These electric utility vehicles, manufactured by Columbia Vehicle Group Inc., are used by the college for campus operations.

NexSys batteries are constructed with proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology that allows them to deliver a long, virtually maintenance-free life cycle, optimized cycling performance and high daily energy throughput. The batteries can be fast-charged in less than two hours and can also be partially charged, making them ideal for opportunity charging. Additionally, NexSys batteries never require watering or weekly equalization, reducing labor demands and maintenance costs.

“Since establishing a relationship with Columbia Vehicle Group almost two years ago, EnerSys has been providing the company with a state-of-the-art stored power solution for its diverse line of electric utility and industrial vehicles and personnel carriers,” said Tim Wittig, director, NexSys battery products Americas at EnerSys. “Reaching this milestone is a testament to the value that NexSys batteries deliver in terms of increased uptime, reduced maintenance, and lower total cost of ownership.”

Constructed with 99% pure lead, NexSys batteries have the ability to deliver more power than conventional flooded lead acid batteries in up to 30% less space. The batteries are also ready to work after months of inactivity, offering up to a two-year shelf life at 77°F (25°C). For schools or universities that store equipment over the summer, the extended shelf life helps them avoid self-discharged batteries in the fall.

“Our vehicles cannot perform effectively without being backed by a superior power solution,” said Travis Meireis, national sales manager at Columbia Vehicle Group Inc. “The NexSys battery is a dependable product with years of success in the material handling industry, and we’re pleased to be able to work with EnerSys to deliver a full package solution for our customers.”

Before collaborating with EnerSys, Santa Monica College would go through their conventional flooded lead acid batteries in 18 to 36 months, resulting in additional out-of-pocket costs to replace their vehicle power. Furthermore, the college was dealing with an aging fleet of vehicles, which presented its own set of challenges. Thanks to the NexSys batteries installed in the new Columbia-manufactured personnel carriers, the college has already seen a reduction in its operating, maintenance, and battery replacement costs, resulting in a return on investment with an overall lower total cost of ownership.

“We’ve needed to upgrade our battery and vehicle fleets for some time; the batteries in particular were in constant need of replacement,” said Cynthia Moore, director of procurement, contracts, and logistics for Santa Monica College. “The NexSys batteries are already helping us reduce maintenance and improve productivity, and their anticipated lifecycle should help us streamline operations for years to come.”

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