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ESI Buys 30-Ton Reeling Machine for Custom Wire Rope Orders

Elite Sales Inc., Miami, Fla., has acquired a 30-ton reeling machine for custom wire rope. The machine is designed to spool wire rope more efficiently than more traditional ways to coil wire rope.


Traditionally, the most difficult part of properly spooling wire rope was creating the correct amount of back tension in order to properly spool wire rope. Back tension was created by passing the wire rope through multiple sheaves which are tightened by bolts in order to create the tension. An even older way to coil wire rope required the rope to be placed between two large tires while being spooled. Although this method is still used, the technique is outdated and doesn't create the proper amount of back tension needed to properly coil wire rope without causing damage to the rope itself.


ESI's new 30-ton reeling machine provides the perfect amount of back tension needed for proper wire rope spooling. Even coiling wire rope with winches could lead to uneven coiling and a weak foundation of layers which in turn can (and often does) result in damaged cables and wire rope. With the reeling machine, damaging wire rope and cables during the spooling process is a thing of the past.


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