Etcetera Edutainment Releases Forklift Safety Training Game

Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Etcetera Edutainment, a leader in simulation and game-based safety training, announced this month a new release of Forklift Safety Sim—simulation-based training that allows forklift operators and other workers to learn and practice the principles of OSHA-based forklift safety.

The product is designed for a broad audience and is suitable for drivers at all levels as well as for cross-training other workers on the warehouse floor. The major enhancement to Forklift Safety Sim is integration with Etcetera Edutainment’s Safety Training Center (STC).

Users can load training software on any compatible PC and manage access to training through individual accounts. It features easy administration with centralized group management and customizable permissions. Centralized tracking allows personalized reporting of achievement, enabling supervisors to track individual and team progress. Centralized reporting provides on-going documentation of completed training to support. The software also allows capability to import and export user and performance information for updates between the STC and learning management systems.

“The addition of Forklift Safety Sim to our Safety Training Center saves trainers time and makes training more efficient for both trainers and trainees,” said Jessica Trybus, Etcetera Edutainment founder and CEO. “STC also offers a bridge to our customers’ existing learning and training management systems.”

A demo of Forklift Safety Sim is available for download via


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