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Etesian Technologies Introduce a New Swivel Mount

Etesian Technologies Introduce a New Swivel Mount

Etesian Technologies has introduced a new swivel mount for its wireless self-powered anemometer, which accommodates Etesian breeze and other popular cup anemometers. "Keeping a wind sensor vertical is imperative,” said William Stein, Founder of Etesian Technologies. “Suppose the sensor is tilted by 30° degrees, then the sensor could be measuring low by as much as 15 percent. While a 15-percent error may not seem like much, remember that the drag force from wind increases by the square of the wind speed. The wind loading you think you have is then greater by 1.15 squared, or about 33 percent more than you would anticipate, if your sensor is not vertical."

The 5.7-pound, 16-inch long mount is a ½-inch round bar made of ½-inch thick steel plate and rod construction. It is designed with two self-aligning, pillow-block mounted, and ½-inch bore self-lubricating bearings. The length below the swivel bearing is 10.75 inches.


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