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First Genie Bi-Energy Hybrid Scissor Lift Rolls Off Production Line

First Genie Bi-Energy Hybrid Scissor Lift Rolls Off Production Line

On a sunny April day, Terex AWP team members celebrated as the first Genie Bi-Energy (BE) 69-in. rough terrain, hybrid electric scissor lift came off the production line.

“Our Team Members have devoted substantial time and effort into developing a quality machine for our customers, and this represents a significant team achievement for Terex AWP,” said Mark Powell, Terex Aerial Work Platform, scissor lift product manager.

The new Genie BE69 series is the first rough terrain, high performance electric scissor lift with an onboard integrated generator allowing the unit to charge the batteries and supply AC power to the platform and chassis for running electric tools, lights, or accessories.

“In the early stages of construction, the scissor keeps itself charged and can supply full AC power when onsite power is not available. As the jobsite progresses, it can switch to hybrid or electric to meet rough terrain or indoor slab environments. This type of versatility ultimately leads to higher utilization for rental companies,” said Powell.

This bi-energy hybrid series of Genie scissors is available in models with  26-ft., 33-ft. and 40-ft. platform heights. The 26-ft. GS-2669 BE hybrid scissor provides an unmatched lift capacity of 1,500 lbs. to provide the end user with the capability to lift more into the air with greater efficiency.  

The Genie BE69  is available in all global markets.


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