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Florida Crane Safety Alliance Calls for Crane Safety Stand-Down on Nov. 4

With a mission to create safer conditions for workers involved with cranes and rigging, the Florida Crane Safety Alliance has introduced Florida’s First Annual Crane Safety Stand-Down. Scheduled for Nov. 4, 2009, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., the Stand-Down is a meeting implemented by organizations to educate their staff on crane and rigging safety awareness. The Florida Crane Safety Alliance would like each contractor, even if they don’t have a crane on-site on Nov. 4, to stop work for one hour to talk to employees about crane safety.

According to the Florida Crane Safety Alliance, there are a number of benefits of the Stand-Down. For example, a staff that is aware of safety risks and hazards is better prepared to avoid accidents; it may help reduce costs associated with accidents and hazrds; and it may reduce downtime associated with crane accidents.

To implement the Stand-Down, the alliance is providing best-practice tips to present to workers. Topics include crone operations, crane setup, rigging and operating conditions, and energized power lines.

The alliance also will soon introduce a Rigging Awareness 101 course, the first in a four-part educational series. The eight-hour course will arm participants with the necessary safety knowledge to work safely with and around cranes and rigging. Other education modules the alliance plans to introduce includes proper crane setup, crane inspections, and operator qualifications. The courses begin in early 2010.


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