Fluid Power Goes Green

Green fluid conveyance products from Eaton Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, feature a variety of hoses, filtration products, and couplings for mobile equipment applications.

Eaton engineers recently upgraded the Aeroquip and Weatherhead GH134 air conditioning and refrigeration hose by giving them a low permeation rating while retaining their flexibility and kink resistance.

Conventional rubber hoses handling bio-diesel fuels have the potential to swell, leak, and eventually fail. Eaton's Teflon-constructed hoses can safely handle B20 and higher rated bio-diesel fuels, even at temperatures exceeding 300 degrees F.

The Weatherhead WeatherSHIELD EN-compliant hose styles, which mate to more than 380 WeatherGRIP bite-the-wire-type hose ends, are designed to prevent hydraulic oil leaks. They also meet Eaton's “Class 0 leakage” requirements.

Eaton's newly acquired Arrow thermoplastic barrier hose and tubing product lines are approved under the California Air Resources Board. Tested at an independent laboratory, Arrow products exhibit a permeation rate of no more than 3 grams per square-meter per 24 hours. The thermoplastic barrier material used in the how and tubing products provides for a safer environment due to the low permeation rate of fuel byproducts when used as fuel delivery lines. Both the tubing and hose products can be used with bio-diesel fuels.

Filtration products, including the high-efficiency hydraulic oil filters and Vickers H20-gate proprietary moisture barrier reservoir breather, keep the hydraulic oil clean, which leads to less oil consumption. They also extend time permitted between oil changes and help prolong the life of equipment, as well as the need for equipment disposal.

Finally, the flush-face design of Eaton FD89 quick-disconnect couplings minimize spills during repeat connection and disconnection of hydraulic lines. The coupling's flat surfaces are easily wiped clean, further reducing spills and the threat of environmental contamination.

For more environmentally friendly components, read the May-June “Green Issue” of Lift and Access.


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