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Fraco Broadens Its Product Line

Fraco Broadens Its Product Line
Fraco Broadens Its Product Line

Fraco Products Ltd, has introduced two new types of hoists, its SEH Series and the SEL Series. Both can be installed permanently or temporarily and both address building construction and industrial applications.

Designed for transport of personnel and material, SEH Series construction hoists are available in single or double cabin. They offer a load capacity of 1,550 to 7,000 lbs. and moving speeds varying from 0-130 ft. per minute to 0-295 ft. per minute (0-330 ft. available with counterbalance system). All cabins are closed and their size depends on customer needs. Thus, the length of the inner cabins varies from 10 ft. to 16 ft., while the width and height are usually 5 ft. and 7 ft.

All SEH Series models provide a "rack and pinion" lifting mechanism and are equipped with electric motors that meet eco-energetic standards. Each unit is made of galvanized steel and includes several checkpoints. To ensure the safety of users and other people, SEH Series elevators feature an enclosed base, vertical sliding doors, and security locks. These hoists find their applications in building construction projects, construction or repair of bridges, or during construction or renovation of power plants.                                 

The Fraco SEL Series industrial lifts are designed to withstand harsh outdoor and indoor environments and intensive use. They are made to be installed in virtually any structure and provide a safe and efficient transportation of personnel, tools and light equipment. All SEL Series models are single modular cabin and fully closed. Load capacity ranges from 880 to 7,050 lbs. and travel speeds are the same as those of the SEH Series. The size of the lift depends on its load capacity and on applicable standards. SEL Series are intended to be permanently installed. They address industries such as mining, petrochemical, and pulp & paper. Sectors such as offshore drilling platforms and power generation are also two markets targeted by this type of equipment.

"It was natural that Fraco broadens its product line, especially as these new products are aimed at markets we already serve," said Armand Rainville, president of Fraco.


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