Gateway Safety’s Ventilated Helmet Provides Comfort in Hot Weather

Gateway Safety’s Ventilated Helmet Provides Comfort in Hot Weather

For workers who dread wearing uncomfortable, hot safety helmets on the jobsite, extra comfort features can make the difference. The Serpent ventilated safety helmet, from Gateway Safety, Cleveland, Ohio, offers all-day comfort, light weight, and excellent ventilation combined with optimal head injury protection. Serpent’s sleek snakehead shell style also keeps workers looking good while staying safe. Serpent is ultra light and comfortable at just 13.1 ounces, with a six-point nylon suspension system. A rotating ratchet adjustment easily fits over the nape of the neck for a comfortable, secure fit. And because heat buildup under the helmet can cause fatigue and heat stress, ventilated Serpent is the ideal choice.

Its CoolSense airflow system, and six vents along the peak of the helmet, promote heat release and keep workers cool. Additional features include a cushioned brow pad that absorbs moisture and perspiration and a rain trough to divert water from workers’ faces.

The Serpent shell is made of a sturdy high-density polyethylene material that provides exceptional impact protection without adding weight. Gateway Safety’s Serpent complies with the ANSI Z89.1 Standard for Type I, Class C helmets.


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