Gehl Introduces FluidTRAC Program

Gehl Company, West Bend, Wis., announces the FluidTRAC program, a fluid analysis program for Gehl customers throughout North America. The FluidTRAC program allows Gehl customers to protect their investment in machinery by providing additional aftermarket support by use of fluid analysis. Gehl customers now have the tools at their disposal to maximize machinery performance and get more for their machinery dollar.

“Gehl machines work hard in a wide variety of applications,” said Andy Strupp, director of customer support. “The FluidTRAC program allows our customers to customize their preventive maintenance plans for their specific applications. The FluidTRAC program gives Gehl dealers and customers easy access to the cutting-edge testing capabilities and technology that will aid in accomplishing their objectives. We are extremely excited to be able to introduce the FluidTRAC program.”

By using the FluidTRAC program to routinely test engine oils, coolants, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and fuel in conjunction with a regimented preventative maintenance program, customers can expect to see a wide range of benefits including extended machine and component life; optimized fluid change intervals; additional uptime during critical work periods; proactive prevention of equipment failure; and increased resale value.