Genie ‘Ask Me Anything’ Event to Address Preventive Maintenance

Genie AMA event

Genie has invited customers to ask questions about the importance of properly maintaining aerial access equipment, including mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) such as boom lifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers, during its upcoming “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event, Dec. 9-13.

Globally, Genie preventive maintenance and service offerings include initiatives and programs such as Genie 360, PSR, Terex Service Centers and GSS (Genie service solutions). This event will highlight the features of these programs and the advantages they offer to customers.

On Monday, Dec. 9, Genie will post an AMA prompt on the Genie Aerial Pros AMA Event page, as well as simultaneously sharing it on social media, to garner questions. The post will stay open, or “live,” for questions and comments through Friday, Dec. 13.

The Genie senior director of product support and service solutions, Terex AWPand will provide a better understanding of preventative maintenance and how it needs to be conducted for Genie product lines. It will also highlight the “rental-ready” value of conducting preventive maintenance tasks on an aerial equipment fleet.

According to Bartley, aerial equipment is some of the most frequently rented and used machines on jobsites. Because of this, these machines’ rental availability and productivity can be positively impacted by equipment owners closely following to the manufacturer’s prescribed routines for preventive maintenance. “Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased rental return on invested capital (rROIC) are important to Genie customers,” says Bartley. “Even if it’s not always convenient to take the time to perform preventive maintenance tasks, it’s worth every minute if an aerial equipment fleet is ‘rental-ready’ and continues to perform productively in the field. Proper maintenance of Genie machines translates into better value for Genie customers globally.”

To learn more about this upcoming event, visit Customers wishing to participate or simply follow the questions and responses can access the Genie Aerial Pros website in a variety of ways, including the dedicated Genie Aerial Pros AMA Event page, the Genie Aerial Pros website, the Genie website,and through the company’s social media pages.

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