Genie to Hold Online "Ask Me Anything About Hybrids" Event | Construction News

Genie to Hold Online "Ask Me Anything About Hybrids" Event | Construction News

Genie's upcoming Ask Me Anything online event May 22-26 will offer interested people the chance to ask questions and get answers about hybrid technology in aerial work platforms (AWPs) or mobile elevated work platforms.

On May 22nd, Genie will post an AMA prompt on The link will also be shared on social media simultaneously, to garner questions. The post will stay open, or “live,” for questions and comments through May 26th.

The goal of this second Genie AMA event is to educate customers on hybrid technology and related drive systems in articulated and telescopic boom lifts.

“With the increased focus on alternative energy in AWPs,” says Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP, “the industry is seeing a shift toward hybrid technology as a standard power source in machines." Gilmor added: "Because hybrid technology continues to evolve and change at a rapidly increasing pace, there is confusion and mis-perceptions in the industry about how it works in aerial equipment. For example, some customers are of the mindset that a machine being a hybrid could compromise its performance in the field."

Gilmor added that in reality, hybrid technology does not compromise the performance of an AWP, and can actually enhance it. "Our goal with this event is to promote a positive perception of hybrid technology and related drive systems in AWPs, with a focus to change their minds in highlighting how hybrid technology can actually be a ‘boost’ to the system and an added feature,” says Gilmor.

Ahead of this event, Genie encourages customers and key stakeholders to gain preliminary information on this topic through a video presentation, which can be accessed at Additional information and resources can be found at


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