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Genie Introduces New GRC-12 Runabout Contractor

The new GRC-12 Runabout Contractor from Genie Industries, Redmond, Wash., offers a two-person occupancy workspace with a narrow profile to get more done in a small amount of space. Ideal for indoor construction sites where contractors are installing and repairing drywall, electrical, HVAC, and more, the unit is engineered with a steel platform and rails, and the telescoping mast is encased in steel, giving it additional protection against worksite debris.

“The GRC-12 is perfect to use on worksites where contractors need the capability of a scissor lift with the compact size of a Runabout,” said Kim Williams, senior market analyst, Genie Industries. “Its design is modeled after our proven GR-12 Runabout • lightweight and compact to easily fit in a freight elevator and use in space-restrictive areas. The features incorporated into the design of the GRC-12 make this machine ideal to use in low-floor load situations and high-rise construction projects.”

The steel platform on the GRC-12 comes standard with a slide-out extension deck that gives operators an extra 17.5 inches of outreach. With

a lift capacity of 500 pounds and the slide-out extension deck, up to two operators on the GRC-12 can work to a height of 18 feet. This unit also boasts a narrow 2'5.5”x4'5.75” profile, allowing the unit to fit in most passenger elevators and be driven through doorways with an operator onboard. The GRC-12 is also driveable when fully elevated for increased productivity. And, the zero inside turning radius on the GRC-12 allows for quick maneuverability in congested work spaces.

Engineered specifically to withstand the rigors of working on undeveloped indoor worksites, the telescoping mast on the new GRC-12 is protected by a steel tube and end cap. Also as a safeguard against worksite damage, the covers on the GRC-12 are made from ABS, a thermoplastic material that provides increased flexibility while retaining its original shape.

Uptime is increased on the easy-to-service GRC-12. This unit is engineered with a quick disconnect platform for ease of repair or replacement. And, the mast hydraulic cylinder, located just under the cap, can quickly be unbolted and pulled out for efficient servicing. Key components on the GRC-12 are easily accessible through the access doors on the base, allowing for quick troubleshooting and regular maintenance checks. And, because the GRC-12 is engineered with common components, Genie customers will find this unit easy to keep rental-ready.

The GRC-12 is designed with the operator in mind. Operators will appreciate the two tool trays, one on each side of the mast, that come standard on the GRC-12, which puts everything operators need within an arm's reach. Also, the ground-level entry on the GRC-12 offers a 15.5-inch step-in height.

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