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Genie QuickStock Lifts Answer Indoor Lifting Needs

Terex AWP, Redmond, Wash., introduces the new Genie QuickStock (QS) lift, which is designed to make inventory picking faster, easier and safer than rolling stairs or manually propelled lifts. An expansion of the versatile and popular Genie Runabout product line, the QuickStock lift is both compact and easy to maneuver. It is available in all three Runabout model heights—12, 15 and 20 feet—and comes in retail (R) and warehouse (W) versions.

“With its driveable picking platform, the QuickStock lift is ideal for locations where the use of high-density racking systems is common,” said Kim Williams, senior market analyst, Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP). “The QuickStock offers a quick, effective and safe way of picking and placing stock versus other types of equipment.”

With a footprint of just 53 inches by 29.5 inches and a zero inside turning radius, the QuickStock lift is made to easily maneuver through tight aisleways as well as navigate high-density shelving common in warehouse locations. A capacity up to 500 pounds, or 350 pounds for the QS 20, facilitates picking and placing large boxes, bicycles and other irregular objects from high stocking locations. The units include optional dual bicycle hooks and a standard large front workstation tray. The unit’s joystick is positioned up front providing the operator with excellent visibility. A handy rear parcel tray is available on both the QuickStock-12 and 15.

Enclosed wiring, maintenance-free batteries and an industrially proven design provide low machine maintenance. Light machine weight, non-marking tires, and quick battery charging allows for quick use of the QuickStock lift on most surfaces and applications. A 6-foot charger cord allows the battery to be charged without the need for a separate extension cord.

Dual platform swing-gates provide the operator with easy access no matter which direction the unit is facing while parked next to shelving. A step-in height of just 15.5 inches and easy-to-use proportional controls make machine operation quick, easy and efficient.

The Genie QuickStock lift retail version offers standard features customized for front of the house applications. Dual flashing beacons notify surrounding people that the unit is in operation. Additionally, an obstruction sensing pad located on top of the chassis senses when an object is on the unit, causing the platform to automatically stop descending.

The Genie QuickStock lift warehouse version includes the same features and benefits of the retail package, with the exception of the dual flashing beacons and the obstruction sensing pad. The Genie QuickStock lift is available in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia.


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