Genie Training Manager to Explain Effects of New ANSI Standards | Construction News


Genie Training Manager Scott Owyen will address audiences at the 2017 AEM Product Safety and Compliance Seminar, April 24-27, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and at the 17th annual Upper Peninsula Safety Conference, April 28, in Escanaba, Mich.

Owyen will discuss how the changes to the ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards in North America will affect equipment manufacturers, owners, and users.

Large changes to the ANSI and CSA standards have created a need to educate the aerial market about the effects of the new standards, as well as how they will work with current industry regulations.

“The new standards will be based on current ISO standards, which also makes them very similar to the current European EN280 and several other standards worldwide,” says Owyen. “The changes affect how products are referenced in North America, as well as how subjects such as design, safe use, and training are covered," he said.

Owyen added, "The new suite of standards includes changes in design such as platform load weighing and, for users and operators, requirements to perform jobsite ‘safe use planning and risk assessments.’ It is important for the industry, as a whole, to start preparing now for what will be different.”

Owyen’s presentations at the 2017 AEM Product Safety & Compliance Seminar and the Upper Peninsula Safety Conference will cover topics such as:

•       How the ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards in North America are changing and why

•       Industry topics on aerial work platform safety

•       Why proper training is critical, both from legal and practical standpoints

•       Methods to improve jobsite safety

•       Training options  

“To make safety a top priority on jobsites, the first step is to make people aware how important training is to the wellbeing of the operator and the productivity of the machine,” says Owyen. “Many aerial jobsite accidents or equipment damage occurs when operators overlook important safety precautions or don’t fully understand how to operate equipment."

Owyen added: "At Genie, our number one priority is to promote a safe workplace for both the operators and the equipment on every jobsite. What we have realized at Genie in the last few years is that there is a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about training, and the goal with our participation at events like the 2017 AEM Product Safety and Compliance Seminar and Upper Peninsula Safety Conference is to educate the aerial industry on the most current best practices for safe work at height.”

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