Genie Unveils Three Productivity Tools for GS Scissor Lifts

Genie Lift Tools Panel Carrier

Sep. 24, 2019 – Three new productivity tools will soon be available for the updated Genie GS scissor lifts — the Genie Lift Tools Work Tray, Pipe Cradle, and Panel Carrier accessories.

Designed to increase operator efficiency when working at height, the Genie Lift Tools accessories also promote best practices for safe use and increased performance while operating Genie GS scissor lifts.

Genie Lift Tools Work Tray
The easy-to-install Genie Lift Tools Work Tray is designed to help eliminate clutter and potential tripping hazards by providing operators and workers with a convenient place to store their tools, fasteners, and small materials in the platform. It’s durable, rotomolded design shares commonality with the tool tray available on Genie boom lifts. It can be used on the main platform or on the extension deck on most Genie GS slab scissor lift models (excluding the Genie GS-1330m).

Genie Lift Tools Pipe Cradle
Designed, tested, and approved for all Genie GS scissor lift models, the Genie Lift Tools Pipe Cradle reduces the risk of fatigue by providing an efficient way to securely carry pipes or other jobsite materials in a scissor lift platform. Easily installed in under 10 minutes, these pipe cradles deliver stability and rigidity with a robust design and can be used with extension deck extended or retracted.

Genie Lift Tools Panel Carrier
The Genie Lift Tools Panel Carrier accessory allows operators to lift panels, windows, and drywall secured on the outside surface of the platform, simplifying loading, unloading, and placement of panel materials on the jobsite. This accessory measures the full length of the scissor lift’s platform and can be quickly and easily installed on all Genie GS slab scissor lift models.

These accessories are ANSI- and CSA-compliant and will be available in North America in late 2019. They will be available globally in 2020, including in select areas of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) pending CE certification and country-specific regulations approval. For more information on Genie products and services, visit