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Global Crane Sales Offers In-House Financing Options

Global Crane Sales Offers In-House Financing Options

April 12, 2012—In an effort to ease the purchasing process for its customers, Global Crane Sales, Houston, Texas, will offer direct financing services. Available through Zoomlion Capital USA, Global Crane Sales now offers financing packages directly through the company.

Global is the exclusive North American distributor of the Zoomlion Crawler line crane. The nine crane models in this line have lifting capacities ranging from 55 to 600 tons. Global is also the international distributor of the Zoomlion RT line. Consisting of four models, the RTs offer capacities ranging from 35 to 100 tons.

Standard financing was once a major hurdle for customers, as many financial institutions didn’t understand the crane industry or what was needed of potential crane purchasers. In order to better serve its customers and avoid delays, Global Crane Sales has become the first in the industry to provide its own competitive rate financing. Ed Gibson, North American sales manager for Global Crane Sales, said Global has over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge in the crane industry, utilizing their expertise and deep-rooted knowledge to better assist customers with the purchasing process.

“We’ll work directly with you to find the crane you need. Then we’ll put together a financing package to make it work both on the books and on the jobsite,” he said. Gibson explains the significance of making the direct financing available to those needing to purchase a crane.

Global Crane Sales spent several months performing market research and concluded that supplying secure loans to customers would be a well-utilized service. Leading to steady growth in popularity, the new financing program began in a very simple format and provides a route that avoids uncertainties bound to leasing.

“We’re making it easier for our customers to get the equipment they need at an exceptional value,” said Gibson. The loan approval rate is currently averaging around 76 percent—about 8 percent higher than the usual industry average—proof that more applicants are seeing success with getting approved for a loan.

“We still have to perform background checks, run credit reports, and discuss the conditions with the risk control committee, but our approval rate is still really high this year,” Gibson explained.  “And, of course, we’re happy to provide this service to more people.”

Global Crane Sales said it is the first crane manufacturing company to offer financing services for customers. Gibson explained that the company seeks out markets where Global products are purchased and offers financing in those regions.

Further enhancing and customizing the process, Global Crane Sales representatives travel to meet with each customer to discuss client concerns as well as get to know their business, projects and future goals. By doing so, Gibson explains, the Global team comes to understand their clients’ history while also being able to anticipate future performance.

“We hope to seize every opportunity to work with the client, listen to their unique needs, grasp where they’re headed and educate them on our product.” 

Zoomlion Capital (U.S.A.) is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. This financial subsidiary provides exclusive financing services to Zoomlion North America customers. Zoomlion Capital (U.S.A) communicates with customers and conveys customer feedback to its headquarters. By working closely with dealer companies and sales people, the Global team hopes to seize every opportunity to work with the customer and provide them with an understanding of the products and background of Global and Zoomlion.


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