Global UpRight Products Merged Under Snorkel Banner

Following its North American trend, Tanfield Group, owners of UpRight and Snorkel International, has announced it will cease to marketing products under the UpRight brand. Going forward, the company will market all products worldwide under the Snorkel banner, and new model designations have been assigned to Snorkel's worldwide product range.

According to Tanfield Group, using only one brand name ensures a clear, simple message for Snorkel's global customer base. Although the UpRight name will no longer be used to market aerial lifts, Snorkel will continue to support all existing UpRight machines in the field.

“There is now one global product range and one united global team dedicated to building, selling and supporting these machines," said Darren Kell, CEO of the Tanfield Group. “The time is therefore right to give the company a unified, global identity.”

As part of the unification process, Snorkel has designated new names for all its core products. The attached spreadsheet outlines the name changes and the logic behind them.