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Gorbel Introduces Easy Arm Q/iQ Lifting Arm

Gorbel, Fishers, N.Y., introduces its newly redesigned Easy Arm Q/iQ intelligent lifting arm. The Easy Arm integrates the patented G-Force Q and iQ lifting technology and processor-controlled servo-drive system into an articulating jib design.

The Q/iQ Easy Arm acts like an extension of the operator’s arm, guided by their intelligence but taking on the bulk of the work. Plus, it can lift any weight within the capacity range without the delay experienced with an air balancer.

The new Easy Arm design comes in 165- and 330-pound capacities. Previously, the product was only available in 150 pounds. In addition, the design has spans up to 14 feet where the previous design only had standard spans to 10 feet. Another key part of the redesign is that the new Easy Arm is available as the Q base model or an iQ, the more advanced unit that comes standard with added programmability for increased flexibility.

According to Gorbel, the Easy Arm is more cost effective than adding a workstation bridge crane. The Easy Arm is delivered pre-assembled and to install, simply bolt it to any 6-inch reinforced floor. Raise the arm, adjust using a leveling bolt, and apply power. The unit is self-contained, meaning operators don’t have the added physical strain of moving a complete bridge and/or trolley. Plus, the actuator is mounted on the pivot, not on the arm, making the arm lightweight and easy to move.

The Easy Arm is ideal for loading/unloading machined parts; reaching into a work cell or around obstructions; moving products around a work cell; and precision placement of expensive products.


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