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Gunnebo Johnson Offers New Lifting Accessories

Tulsa, Okla.-based Gunnebo Johnson Corporation offers a variety of accessories for industrial lifting and material handling applications. The GrabiQ grade 100 alloy steel chain sling system offers a radical new design, according to the company. Using built-in chain pockets, every leg of a GrabiQ sling is adjustable to match the pick points of any object being lifted. Only one GrabiQ top fitting is required for a two-leg adjustable chain sling. GrabiQ systems are well suited for traditional rigging, baskets, endless and choked slings with each being easily adjusted.

MIG from GrabiQ

The new Mid-Grab in-line chain shortener from GrabiQ can be added anywhere along a leg of chain. Turning the latch locks the MIG on the chain, keeping it in place when the chain leg is slack. When not in use the MIG rides on the chain in a neutral position or may be removed completely. The MIG is 100 percent efficient so no capacity is lost when shortening.

Johnson “Quick Reeve” Crane Block

Gunnebo Johnson also offers a Johnson quick reeve crane block. Wire rope and termination fitting reeve easily through the “Quick Reeve” block and crane boom tip combination. The product is available in 5- to 300-ton capacity models, with larger sizes available upon request. Models are available with up to nine sheaves with 10- to 30-inch diameters. The crane block also features dual action swivel/swing roller thrust bearing hooks.

Johnson Snatch Blocks

The company also offers snatch blocks, available in 2- to 30-metric-ton capacities, with larger sizes available upon request. Hook, shackle and tailboard fitting options are available. The latch pin is easily assembled and disassembled for quick rigging. An optional “J” latch is available for hook applications.

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