Handheld Wireless Weighing Indicator Works with Crane Scales


Intercomp’s line of wireless scale systems now includes the field-proven RFX wireless technology in a compact, hand-held, general product indicator for use with any RFX scale system from the Minneapolis, Minn., company. The RFX wireless weighing technology utilizes 2.4 GHz wireless frequencies which are accepted worldwide. Wireless weighing saves time and improves the operation’s overall safety, according to the company.

The wireless indicator not only works with up to six scales at once, but it possesses the ability to control scales remotely and from safe distances. Products can be combined to accommodate modular applications for a variety of scenarios. The indicator allows users to show the weights in cumulative total, individual weights per pad or scale, and/or center of balance. It has the ability to store and recall up to ten Arm records, and offers continuous and on-demand print outputs.

Users can zero scales, change scale and indicator settings, turn scales on or off, and calibrate from the hand-held indicator box. The indicator also offers a ‘Read-Only’ selection for use with PC software. The RS232/USB output allows data-streaming to printers, displays, computers, and process control devices.