Hatz Launches an Intuitive Portal for Online Documentation | Construction News


Monday, October 16, 2017 — At Motorenfabrik Hatz, state-of-the-art technology has top priority – both in engine manufacturing and in customer service. Consequently, Hatz has created a new online portal which makes available to customers important documentation for engines as well as information on their installation and operation.

Based on the engine ID number on the delivery note or name plate of the engine, customers are guided quickly and directly to the documents that are particularly available for their engine type. There are a multitude of advantages to the online documentation. For example, it is possible to conduct a focused search for installation or wiring instructions. Laborious research in paper-based documents is no longer necessary. Customers also have the certainty that they have access to the current documents and information for their engine at all times.

The Hatz online documentation has merits from an ecological perspective as well. Up to now, all diagrams, schematics and notes have also been included upon delivery of each engine in hardcopy form. As many customers only require part of the documents or – when multiple identically designed engine types are ordered together – just one set of documents, however, in the past an unnecessarily high amount of paperwork could ensue. This is eliminated by the online documentation, because the customer either calls up the information online on his/her monitor screen or only prints out the documents which he or she actually requires.

"Our customers require information and documents when installing the engine and when operating it, or respectively for maintenance or repair. In all situations, but especially during operation, our customers also work with computers or tablets, of course. Paper documents are usually lying around somewhere in the company and are seldom deployed with the machines. With the up-to-date online documentation, our customers have unrestricted access to the required information at all times and in every situation", explains Igor Hahn, Team Leader for Service at Hatz.

Starting October 2017, the Hatz online documentation contains the following information for all Hatz engines upon delivery:

General assembly instructions
Special assembly, installation and technical instructions
Circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, flow schematics, cable routing diagrams, and notes for connector assignments
Connection diagrams
Fuel supply diagrams
Operating instructions for accessories groups
Functional descriptions
Instructions for applications, air filters and lubricants

The direct link to the Hatz online documentation will be provided to customers upon delivery of the engines.