Haulotte’s New 67-Ft. North American-Made Boom Lift Undergoes Field Testing | Daily Construction News


Haulotte Group, Archbold, Ohio, is in the midst of field testing two prototypes of its new HT67RTJ, a 67-ft., rough-terrain, telescopic boom lift. Haulotte expects to start producing the new model during the second quarter at its Ohio factory.


The company exhibited a prototype of the unit at the 2012 Lift and Access Showcase & Symposium in Davenport, Fla., last October, and then put the model into field testing.


The HT67RTJ offers 67’5” maximum platform height, 59’5” maximum outreach, and 1,000-lb. capacity throughout most of its working envelope, or 500-lb. unrestricted capacity.


The boom’s range of motion goes from 15° below horizontal to 75° above. The 7-ft. articulating jib provides 133° of vertical rotation (from -65° to +68°), and the platform rotates horizontally 90° left and 90° right.


The machine incorporates a host of productivity and ease-of-maintenance features.


The boom rises to full height and telescopes to its full length in just 53 seconds. Haulotte says that is twice as fast as any competitor. In addition, Haulotte says the HT67RTJ’s boom is stiffer than any other on the market, giving the operator a solid feel. Also contributing to the solid feel is a mechanical link that pushes the boom-extension cylinder up into the boom as it rises. That moves the machine’s center of gravity, enabling the use of less counterweight for lower overall machine weight.


The unit is powered by a 48.9-hp Kubota diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Interim emission levels without using a particulate filter. The efficiency of the hydrostatic drive system enables the HT67RTJ to deliver high-speed performance and enable simultaneous operation of all functions while using a smaller engine, which reduces fuel consumption.


Top travel speed is 4.0 mph, gradeability is 40%, and the outside turning radius is 17’11”. Oscillating axles, hydraulic differential lock, 4-wheel drive, and 2-wheel steering all come standard. Four-wheel steering is optional, and pin-on axles enable easy upgrading to 4-wheel steering in the field. All of the steering components are protected inside the chassis, and there are no electrical wires in the chassis. Ground clearance is 13 in.


The HT67RTJ features new computerized controls with a new monitor that displays multiple types of information. The upgraded controls not only provide better performance and control, the system is prepared to work with the next generation of engines. One of the control system’s features is automatic slow-down that makes stops smooth and easy.


Haulotte has designed easy maintenance into all facets of the machine. The platform is fully modular so that even floor sections can be replaced easily as needed. The engine sits on a swing-out tray for easy access to all maintenance items. All grease points are easily accessible, and all hoods and doors are held shut with simple, easy to replace rubber T-handles instead of door latches. The boom cylinder and cables can be removed through the end of the boom, substantially reducing inspection time. Every bolt on the swing bearing is clearly visible and easily accessible.


 The HT67RTJ weighs 25,776 lbs., and prepared for transportation measures 8’1” wide 25’8” long, and 8’10” tall.


Options include: 3.5-kW or 12-kW generator, power to the platform, foam-filled tires, glazier package, working lights, and a cold-weather package.


One of the two prototype HT67RTJ lifts is on field test in Canada with a cold-climate customer. The other is in the western United States with a warm-climate customer.


Tom Bell, Haulotte’s general manager for Canada, reports that both customers have delivered positive feedback, both from technical and operational standpoints.


“The machine’s fast operation and smoothness have been the most talked about features,” says Bell. He notes that serviceability is a close second. “One technician commented that it is the easiest 60-ft. boom his company has ever worked on, and the best 60-ft. class boom on the market.”


Bell adds that a few very minor issues have been discovered in the field testing, and that they are being corrected before the new model begins production at Haulotte’s Archbold manufacturing facility.