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Haulotte Displays Newest Telehandler at WOC

L’Horme, France-based Haulotte and BilJax shared a booth at World of Concrete for the first time last week in Las Vegas, Nev. Haulotte showed off its newest telehandler, the HTL9055, at the show.

The telehandler models are designed and developed completely in-house, in order to meet the demands and ensure the satisfaction of clients. The new HTL telehandlers integrate technological innovations developed in the field of aerial work platforms, ensuring user comfort and safety for operates, Haulotte says.

The new HTL telehandlers bring a wide range of innovations to the market, in terms of compactness, reductions in noise and CO2 emission levels, user safety, reliability, comfort, ease of use, and transportation. With lifting capacities up to 9,000 lb and lifting heights up to 54’10”, the telehandlers can be rapidly fitted with multiple accessories (quick-fits): forks, simple or toothless buckets, work tools, hooked brackets, metal windscreen protectors, side-mounted work tool containers.

The machines offer stability, regardless of terrain. The lateral stability is a combined result of automatic locking of the rear deck rotation, progressive movement deceleration system for limiting rearward travel, and the lateral tilt corrector. The forward stabilizers reinforce stability in all working conditions. Independent operation allows them to adapt to all types of ground at any time. These features allow blocking up to a mast angle of 20°. The Haulotte Group is breaking new ground and raising the levels of standard equipment with a rear deck locking system, thus reinforcing stability. The stiffening of the two axles more than doubles the usual stabilization surface.

The integration of the latest technologies makes driving the HTL telehandlers easier. The operator can control actions and their environment. The progressive nature of the hydrostatic transmission, precision of the power-assisted steering, and maneuverability of the joystick allow full use of the exceptional capabilities of the four-wheel drive and steering with ease. The “load sensing-flow sharing” hydraulic system guarantees optimal flexibility and power in all movements, which are carried out with perfect progression. The proportional nature of the combined movements, telescopic extension, excavation, rising of the arm, is complete. The “inching” slow approach pedal allows for smooth, precise maneuvering, and flexible braking.

The HTL Telehandlers are designed for all environments. Regardless of the nature of the ground and terrain obstacles, four-wheel drive and steering provide power and maneuverability. The tilt correction function provides horizontal stabilization. Thanks to high ground clearance, the handler can traverse the roughest terrain.

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