HAWE Hydraulics Introduces Mini Hydraulic Power Pack

HAWE Hydraulics, Charlotte, N.C., a leading supplier of sophisticated controls to the mobile and industrial markets, introduces the youngest and smallest hydraulic power pack aggregate ever built by Munich-based, HAWE Hydraulik SE. The power pack is designed for use in all hydraulic consumers with low oil volume requirements on mobile applications such as construction sites and other locations where energy is supplied by DC power sources. The operating modes have short activation times, including riveting, crimping, embossing and releasing of winch brakes. The amount of operable oil volume is approximately 0.7 liters.

The power pack can generate pressures up to 7,250 psi. Its compact dimensions are approximately 12”x4”x4” and it weighs about 18 pounds, depending on the valve configuration. Because of its size, it is easily installed in small spaces and comes available with a radial piston pump, thus ensuring long service life.

A hydraulic system is constructed by connecting valves to the NPC. A pressure limiting valve can be directly integrated into the intermediate flange. Directional seated valves type WN and WH, as well as the G-series from HAWE Hydraulics modular concept kit, can be mounted on the power pack. These types are built as ball-seated valves and are also leak-free. They are designed as 2/2, 3/2 and 4 position, 3 way-directional valves and are capable of combining a number of valves on a valve bank.