Hawe Hydraulics Introduces Valve for Cranes, General Lifting Products

Charlotte, N.C.-based HAWE Hydraulics’ EMP valve is designed for use in cranes, general lifting devices, and industrial trucks. The EMP valve allows for sensitive shifting combined with zero leakage in the blocked shifting position. The proportional control and zero leakage type EMP valve enables particularly sensitive load lifting and lowering.

The EMP valve allows flow rates up to 21 gpm and an operation pressure up to 5,800 psi. The valve cone and seat are constructed of hardened steel for an extended life cycle with minimal maintenance required. Features include two switching options: a soft shift or hydraulically dampened switch, and a proportional switch.

Designed to meet a wide range of needs, the EMP valve is available in two build sizes, each with different aperture diameters to enable optimal switching in accordance with project requirements. The EMP valve can be controlled by use of a matching proportional amplifier also available from Hawe Hydraulics.

The EMP valve is suited for a wide range of connection blocks, for either pipe connection or banjo bolt mounting. Additional options include a drain valve, bypass throttle, pressure switch, and a two-way flow control valve.

For more information on the EMP valve and zero leak capabilities from Hawe, visit www.hawehydraulics.com.