HBC-Radiomatic Enhances Vector Pro Functions

HBC-Radiomatic Inc., Hebron, Ky., has developed a two-step enable button for their radios as part of a new series of customer-specific radio control systems. The vector pro transmitter was developed for automated rack manufacturers in the United States and is used for service work on or in the system.

Service technicians carry the radio control with them so that they have exclusive access to the machine functions. Doing so ensures no other employee can move the machine unintentionally while the technician is on or in the system.

The enable button on the control provides additional protection: To forward any control commands, the technician must first press and hold the button. Only then are the other ope­rating elements on the control active. If the technician should release the button or press the second step, all movements of the machine are stopped immediately. In this manner the technician is protected from dangerous, unintended machine movements in an emergency situation.


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