Herkules Introduces Tilt-and-Rotate Scissor Lift Table


Herkules Equipment Corp., Walled Lake, Mich., has designed and built a new scissor lift table that tilts and rotates, providing a unique solution for certain applications. This lift system was specifically requested for an application that raises, spins and tilts large containers of liquids during the production process which improves the ergonomic conditions for workers. The tilt is limited to an angle of 10 degrees maximizing control during the process. The manual rotate turns 360 degrees and the air brake allows it to be securely locked in any position for ease of processing and operator safety. Manually rotating the 42”x64” platform is effortless due to the high grade bearing used within the lift system. 

Push and pull forces are as low as 5 pounds. Rotation can be performed in both directions, providing maximum flexibility. The lift system has a 4,000pound capacity, with a full raised height of 32”. All controls are located on one remote pedestal.