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Herkules Zero Level Post Lift Works to Reduce Back Injuries

The Zero Level Post Lift from Herkules Equipment Corp., Walled Lake, Mich., has solved a customer’s ergonomic problem, resulting in reduced back injuries. The objective was to reduce back injuries due to operators bending over to unpack lower rows of boxes. The post lift couples the correct ergonomic lifting height with the ability to easily load the material onto the lifting platform. The customer needed a lift designed so that the operator could drive a pallet jack with a skid of cartons directly onto a lowered lifting platform.

The operator could then unload the skid, and raise it to a convenient level where the cartons could be removed. The electric hydraulic post lift utilizes a hydraulic ram with a chain pulley mechanism. The unit is electrically powered by a 220V-240V three-phase 20A electric motor with post-mounted hydraulic pump and reservoir. User-friendly controls can be either mounted on the post or used remotely via a 12’ cord. 

The customer needed a 44” x 52” lifting platform, but the platform can be designed to accept almost any size pallet or cart. A manually released Cam-lock system, standard on every Herkules post lift, prevents the lift platform from free-falling.


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