Hiab Moffett Unveils M4NX Truck-Mounted Forklift | Construction News

Hiab Moffett Unveils M4NX Truck-Mounted Forklift | Construction News

Hiab has introduced the all-new Moffett M4NX truck-mounted forklift at the IAA exhibition, in Hannover, Germany.   

"Moffett is a globally recognized and trusted brand, and for the past 30 years Moffett truck-mounted forklifts have earned a reputation for delivering top performance," said Keith Quigley, Hiab's senior vice president, truck-mounted forklifts. "As we strive to constantly improve our products, the Moffett team has taken customer and market insight in order to develop the NX range, a new generation of even better truck-mounted forklifts." 

"We are very excited to launch the NX series in Europe with the all-new Moffett M4NX at the IAA," Quigley added.

"The next generation MOFFETT M4, the M4NX, has been made even better with a focus of added safety, easier servicing and more comfort to the operator," said Michael O'Reilly, product manager, truck-mounted forklifts.

"By making the M4NX as light as possible without affecting our reputation for having durable quality products we ensure that the operators benefit by getting maximum payload on their vehicle. The M4NX can effectively carry more than its own unladen weight - like an ant - thus ensuring maximum performance and maximum payload," O'Reilly said.

Safety features include a seat-presence indicator for the operator to ensure he or she starts and operates the machine in a safe and efficient manner. The remote ground mount system has also been upgraded to a new design with an easy to use keyfob, so no matter what the situation, the M4NX will be used in the correct manner at all times. M4NX also gets detached from the truck and ready to deliver the goods in less than 60 seconds.

"The M4NX in its design can negotiate very tight areas in terms of width and height, making it a very versatile piece of equipment," said O'Reilly. "Depending on configuration, the M4NX can be as narrow as 1,900mm (74.8 in.)."


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