High-Voltage Power Lines Detected with Operational Aid

French manufacturer MADE SA introduced the SKY Mx operational aid to the North American market at ICUEE, which enables lifting equipment to detect the proximity of high-voltage electric power lines.

SKY Mx uses one to four independent sensors to detect the electric field. Each sensor includes a radio transmitter/receiver module that continuously communicates with the CPU. Once an analysis is made by SKY Mx, it indicates the area that the lifting equipment should not go.

If the crane, aerial lift, or forklift approaches a 15 kV medium-voltage power line at a distance of 10 feet or a 50 kV or higher line at a distance of 17 feet, an audible signal and a warning light goes off to warn the operator. The alarm also can be connected to the horn or lights on the truck. The sound speeds up as the machine becomes closer to the danger. MADE reports the battery powered sensors will last about two years but requires that equipment owners maintain their equipment each year.