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Hoist and Remote Control Package Delivers Productivity, Safety, and Control

R&M Materials Handling, Inc., Springfield, Ohio, and Drivecon, Inc., Gurnee, Ill., have combined two of their hallmark products in a single high-performance package, the LoadMate® Electric Chain Hoist - PWRMicro Radio Combo. This combination incorporates the LoadMate Electric Chain Hoist from R&M with the ergonomic PWRMicro Series radio remote controls from Drivecon to maximize productivity, ensure safety, and streamline operations.

Equipped to lift up to 5 tons, the LoadMate provides precision gearing, ease of operation, and easy mounting through a compact design. The lightweight PWRMicro Series radio remote controls are designed with a wide range of features to increase workplace efficiency.

Central to the core of the combo’s structure, the electric chain hoist is engineered to extend service life and reduce downtime. The hoist body is constructed of durable pressure-cast aluminum for lightweight and easy handling, epoxy-painted for corrosion resistance, and ribbed for better heat dissipation. The completely enclosed motor includes IP55 protection, minimum class F insulation, and a Klixon type bimetal switch for thermal protection. The chain guide ensures precise alignment, reducing wear and prolonging chain life.

The ergonomic controls of the remote complement the features of the hoist by enhancing operator control. Tthe PWRMicro series offers single or dual speed, up to five motions, and a control range up to 500 feet. The controls feature an emergency-stop button, removable on/off/start key, programmable auto shut-down, and an optional antenna extension for a control range up to 1,500 feet. Featuring operating temperatures as low as -31°F and as high as 167°F, it is equipped with seventy-six communication channels and IP65 protection (NEMA 4 type), and is FCC approved.

The flexible design can be customized to meet a variety of applications. Trolley options include the swiveling motor driven trolley for shorter curve radius tolerances on custom monorail applications, and the patented Track Trolley with hardened steel flat tread wheels designed for maximum bearing surface contact. Special control options include variable frequency drives to enhance motorized trolley operation, and tandem control to support two simultaneous hoists. For food handling and pharmaceutical applications, hoist options are available with a food grade lubricant, a stainless steel load chain, lower hooks, and bottom block.

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