Hoist Introduces New Marina Lift Truck Design

The Neptune marina lift truck from Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc., Bedford Park, Ill., allows the operator to easily and comfortably handle boats from the point of taking them out of the water,  to moving, dry stacking, and replacing them in water. With the Neptune, the operator can use one vehicle to reach as far down as 23 feet below dock to securely grab and lift the boat with the adjustable spreading arms. Without transferring between machines or setting the boat down, the operator is able to move the boat to any location he desires. The advantage to dry stacking with the machine is that the operator can also, place the ship up to 75 feet in the air on a rack.

Hoist is introducing a new design that will accommodate wheelbases from 190 feet to 275 feet, as well as multiple cab placement configurations. Additionally, the design of the Hoist marina lift truck includes a modular design which has already been adopted on redesigns of all Hoist pneumatics up to and including 115,000-pound capacity units. The modular design provides many benefits, such as ease of service and replacement of parts, as well as allowing all vehicles to be containerized to reduce shipping cost globally.