Hy-Brid Lifts Adds ALL Aerials to Dealer Network | Construction News


Custom Equipment Inc., Richfield, Wis., has added Ohio-based ALL Aerials to its growing network of dealers for its Hy-Brid scissor lifts.

A division of the ALL Family of Companies, All Aerials will rent, sell, and service HB-1030 and HB-1430 Hy-Brid Lifts.

The arrangement expands the availability of low-level scissor lifts for contractors who need lightweight and safe equipment to tackle a wide range of indoor applications, including electrical, drywall, and HVAC installation.

“We’re excited to include Custom Equipment’s Hy-Brid lifts as part of our diverse fleet that supports many different maintenance and construction jobs,” said Kris Kasparek, general manager of ALL’s aerial division. “And Custom Equipment is an ideal partner because of our shared values on equipment safety and top-notch service for customers.”

The lifts’ weights meet a growing demand from Midwest contractors for lighter lift options. Custom Equipment uses engineering software to optimize the amount of heavy-duty steel used in Hy-Brid lifts. That contributes to wheel loads as light as 62.7 psi. Minimized weight allows operators to maneuver over delicate flooring, such as tile, laminate, and raised flooring, with minimal risk of inflicting damage. Contractors can even access freshly poured concrete sooner than with heavier lifts on the market, resulting in maximum efficiency on projects.

Kasparek says that Hy-Brid lifts' ability to carry two workers helps maximize productivity. “These lifts fit the light weight requirement for many jobsites, and that opens the door for us to offer equipment to contractors for those types of jobs.”

Hy-Brid lifts offer one of the lowest entry heights in the industry — just 20 in. That not only reduces the fatigue and knee strain from climbing on and off, but also nearly eliminates potential falls, which can occur when operators load and unload heavy tools and supplies.

The HB-1030 and HB-1430 each feature a full-swing gate that allows users to step up and onto the platform eliminating the need to duck under bars or chains, reducing neck or back strain injuries.

With these two models, users have lift capacities up to 750 pounds, as much as 50% more than competitive lifts. Users can easily load heavy, awkward materials, such as drywall and lumber for framing, by simply walking up and onto the platform instead of lifting the materials up and over a bar or chain. The slide-out extension adds 30 in. of working space for the operator and tools.

Dan Schneider, Custom Equipment’s North American sales manager, said he looks forward to the new partnership because of ALL Aerials’ market understanding and excellent customer service.

“ALL Aerials is part of a family-owned company, just like Custom Equipment, and they take customer service very seriously,” Schneider said. “They are skilled in pairing the right lift or crane with the right job, and we know they’ll do well with this new lineup to support their customers. And we’re thrilled to expand further into this region while supporting their dealer needs.”