Hyster Company Adds Reach Truck Attachments to Product Offerings

Hyster Company, Greenville, N.C., now offers a fork laser and a fork camera attachment options for the ZR reach truck. Designed to increase operator productivity, these attachments help limit costs associated with product and rack damage and can also improve operator safety within the warehouse.

The fork laser emits a beam that provides lift truck operators with a guide for correct fork placement when retrieving product. The life span of the fork laser attachment exceeds 10,000 hours, while each battery pack lasts up to 40 hours on a full charge. Especially useful in environments with low visibility, the laser can be displayed as either a dot beam or line beam, depending on operator preference.

Also available from Hyster is the fork camera option, which provides a “fork eye view” at elevated heights. This allows the operator to not only retrieve and replace product more efficiently, but it also can help to reduce workplace accidents caused by inaccurate fork placement. Mounted to the fork carriage, the camera sends a digital image to a 7.5-inch color monitor located in the top left corner of the operator compartment.