Hyster Launches Streamlined Lift Trucks

Hyster Launches Streamlined Lift Trucks

Hyster Co., Greenville, N.C., has launched the new internal combustion S50CT cushion tire and H50CT pneumatic tire lift trucks. Both models were designed to be cost effective and provide the right balance of efficiency, productivity, dependability and durability for a wide variety of moderate-duty materials handling applications, according to the company. The ultra-efficient lift trucks are intelligently built with smart design and solid construction. Certain options have been removed, so that from sealed electrical connectors to O-ring face seal fittings on the truck chassis, to durable transmissions, the S/H50CT provides users with a no-frills, cost-effective lift truck that can work in many applications.

“In today’s economy, people are intensely focused on managing their capital and operating expenses, and materials handling may represent a significant portion of these expenses,” said Brett Schemerhorn, vice president of dealer sales. “The new S/H50CT lift trucks will continue to deliver the high-quality performance that people have come to expect from Hyster, with a renewed focus on reducing the investment required in materials handling.”

These streamlined, easy-to-operate trucks feature excellent fuel economy and carefully considered ergonomics designed for operator comfort. The S/H50CT models, with lift capacities of 5,000 pounds, strike the perfect balance between the number of loads moved compared with the amount of fuel used. The lift trucks are engineered for agility as well. Moving around in tight spaces is easy with an electronically controlled Powershift transmission for smooth direction changes. The optional integral sideshifter allows loads to be optimally positioned and the responsive electronically-controlled inching adjustments gives the operator better control of load positioning. The human-friendly design makes operator comfort and adjustability a top priority and includes extra foot space, an adjustable tilting steer column and increased visibility.


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