Intergis Mobile Resource Management Helps Companies Cut Costs, Go Green

In this uncertain economic environment, many smart businesses are using mobile resource management and logistics technology solutions developed by Intergis to go green and save green. Green fleet initiatives not only allow these businesses to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, but also make it possible to reap significant return on investment and increase productivity.

Cranford, N.J.-based Intergis LLC, a single-source provider of mobile resource management (MRM) and logistics technologies for small to mid-sized businesses, offers products that enable businesses to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, which in turn helps reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide emissions. Intergis’ fleet and logistics management solutions are helping many of its customers reduce emissions.

“Despite the economy, going green is still very much a strategic imperative for Fortune 2000 companies, but the initiatives are only as strong as their weakest link,” said Jeffrey Cohen, CEO of Intergis. “Our solutions help companies meet current and proposed standards, with optimized routing, scheduling and real time tracking that reduces unnecessary mileage, idle time and speeding while helping them better maintain vehicle fleets. By automating manual processes like paperwork and reporting, we’re reducing paper consumption and enabling companies to operate more efficiently.”

Intergis solutions perform by integrating GPS tracking and navigation technology with scheduling and route optimization applications. Intergis helps customers gain efficiencies in their operations and get measurable results quickly to control costs, improve productivity, minimize risk and increase customer satisfaction.