IPAF to Hold MEWP Supervisor Training Course

IPAF to Hold MEWP Supervisor Training Course

IPAF has announced a MEWP Supervisor’s training will be taking place September 11 in San Diego.

The course is aimed at those who have been assigned by their employer to monitor MEWP operator performance and supervise their work. A MEWP supervisor can assure compliance with new requirements for the safe and effective use of MEWP operations defined in regulations and specifically within the new ANSI A92 suite of standards in the U.S.

The course is run by IPAF approved instructor Bart Krzysztofek from Skyjack, an IPAF approved training center, and costs $129 per person. IPAF is also hosting a Catch-Up Session after the training course and a Petco Park networking event in the evening.

For more information, contact Tony Groat on tony.groat@ipaf.org. To register, visit https://ipaf.eventsair.com/ipaf-catchup/registration/Site/Register.


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