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IPAF Restructures Mast Climbing Work Platform Committee

The IPAF International Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) Committee has been restructured and now comprises the UK & Ireland MCWP Work Group (formerly the UK & Ireland MCWP Committee), the MCWP Training Work Group, and other local and topic-specific work groups to be formed.  

Kevin O’Shea, Director of Safety and Training, Hydro Mobile (Canada), is chair of the IPAF International MCWP Committee and Adrian Bolton, Construction Manager, Alimak Hek (UK), is vice-chair. Darren Brady, Operations Director, Apollo Cradles, is chair of the IPAF UK & Ireland MCWP Work Group and Steven McEwan, Scot-Train, is vice-chair.

Taking up his role as chair of the IPAF UK & Ireland MCWP Work Group, Darren Brady of Apollo Cradles said: “The MCWP industry has suffered in recent years due to the economic downturn, but it is now returning to its original position and still remains one of the safest, most economical ways for men and materials to work at height.”

The UK & Ireland MCWP Work Group, together with the International MCWP Committee, will prioritize these activities in the upcoming months.

  • Encourage the MCWP industry to report accidents at the IPAF accident database.
  • Develop and distribute case studies that highlight the safe and effective use of MCWPs.
  • Deliver presentations, e.g. at the IPAF Summit, that highlight synergies and compatibility of MCWPs and MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms).
  • Develop content for the MCWP mini-site
  • Review the MCWP training manual to simplify the language and structure.

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