IPAF Video Challenges Viewers to ‘Spot the Mistake’

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has released a new safety video to help operators recognize operator errors. The new video, “Spot the Mistake,” focuses on the right and wrong procedures for aerial work platforms.

The 20-minute video features six separate scenarios, which are extracted from the IPAF operator training course. Each scene contains one deliberate mistake that the audience has the chance to identify. The correct procedure is then shown.

“The video encapsulates the most common operator errors and what the right procedures should be,” said Rupert Douglas-Jones, IPAF international training manager. “It’s a great educational tool, and we thank all the producers and actors for their enthusiasm in making the scenes realistic.”

The video was released on Sept. 9 at the IPAF Professional Development Seminar (PDS) in the United Kingdom. The Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish language versions will be released at subsequent PDS events in other countries.

The video can be viewed and downloaded from the Publications/Film section of www.ipaf.org. It is not a substitute for the IPAF operator training program, which expects to train around 80,000 people this year.


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