JCB Adds Two Loadall Telehandler Models to Product Line

Last month, JCB, Savannah, Ga., added two Loadall models to its telehandler line: the compact 527-58 Loadall and the high capacity 550-80 Loadall.

According to JCB, the 527-58 is the most compact Loadall with a side-mounted engine and measures 6’6” wide and 6’6” high, which allows access to buildings, underground parking garages and other restricted work areas. The machine has a maximum lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds and a lift height of more than 19 feet. At nearly 10 feet of forward reach, the 527-58 has 2,750 pounds of lift capacity.

Powered by either the 85-hp or 100-hp JCB Dieselmax engine, the 527-28 drives through an efficient hydrostatic transmission, which provides excellent control, high-tractive effort, and a travel speeds between 15 and 25 mph. By utilizing the JCB designed and built engine, axles, cab, hydraulics, mainframe and boom, the company can ensure the reliability and durability of the components throughout the life of the machine. The radiator, engine, and driveline are easy to access for daily checks and scheduled maintenance. The company notes the machine benefits from generous steering lock angles, optimum wheelbase, multi-mode steering, and excellent visibility, providing superb maneuverability on restricted sites.

The 527-58 also features from a full-size Loadall cab with a recessed door handle and hinges to achieve the narrowest dimensions. Riding on 18-inch tires, the cab is mounted low on the mainframe for a maximum overhead clearance of just 6’5”. The hydraulics deliver up to 33 gpm of flow—enough to power a variety of attachments. JCB Loadall Q-fit and JCB compact tool carriers plus a range of competitor

quick hitches can be used with the machine, allowing the use of a wide range of buckets and powered attachments.

JCB’s highest capacity Loadall is the 550-80, which is specifically designed for bulk handling operations in waste and industrial sectors, the conceptual 550-80 is set to offer a lift height of 26 feet and a maximum lifting capacity of 11,000 pounds. Powered by either a 100- or 130-hp engine, the machine boasts a capable transmission, 37 gpm Variflo hydraulics and Hiflow pipework for optimized cycle times and auxiliary service performance. The 550-80 is designed to work equally well with forks or in a shovel configuration and has the capacity to operate with 4.5 cubic-yard, high-capacity buckets.

With servo controls as standard and the option of a seat-mounted servo, the operator benefits from low lever efforts and excellent ergonomics, all increasing efficiency. JCB’s Smooth Ride System offers improved load retention and increased comfort in load and carry operations.

With loader operation in mind the 550-80 comes with a Z-bar bucket linkage, to provide high dump and roll-back angles. The low boom line also contributes to all-round visibility, which is essential in a rapid cycle loading situation.

The 550-80 is an ideal material-handling machine for heavy-duty waste and recycling operations, with its high lift capacity and powerful driveline ensuring rapid loading cycles and exceptional productivity.