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Jergens Introduces Spinner-Grip Flange Locking Bolt

Cleveland, Ohio-based Jergens Inc. introduces the highly innovative, customized Spinner-Grip flange locking bolt. Unlike most widely used bolts on the market, the Spinner-Grip flange locking bolt has a conical flange design that locks the bolt to the part without the need for a lock washer. Many standard serrated flange bolts will cut into the part's surface paint, plating, or finish, causing rust under the bolt. Yet the Spinner-Grip bolts do not have serrations that will mar the surface or plating of parts. In addition, the Spinner-Grip locking bolt can be easily uninstalled and reused without reapplication of locking patches or additional hardware.

The bolts are custom made-to-order according to the individual's specifications for the application; i.e., zinc plated or corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This makes the bolts particularly well suited for diverse industries such as material handling and construction. In addition, the Spinner-Grip flange locking bolt can be made for environments in which wide discrepancies in temperatures and harsh environmental conditions are likely to occur.

The bolt maintains exceptional performance in applications where heavy vibration is prevalent. Other specific applications may include platforms/decks, rigging equipment, trucks/trailers, and marine vessels.

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