JLG to Debut Podcast on DirectAccess

JLG to Debut Podcast on DirectAccess

JLG Industries Inc. announced a new podcast series on JLG DirectAccess that will kick off with a 15-minute episode detailing the updates to ANSI A92.

Released in December 2018, the new standards impact all owners, operators, and supervisors of aerial lifts. The changes are designed to enhance safety and shift North American equipment standards closer to international standards – allowing companies to be more competitive on a global scale.

The first podcast – featuring Rick Smith, senior director of product training at JLG – provides a comprehensive overview of the changes and how operators, owners, and others are affected by these updates.

“This new communication tool provides busy customers another quick resource to gain vital information around changes and innovations in the access industry,” said Jennifer Stiansen, director of marketing at JLG. “We believe these in-depth podcasts help further educate owners and operators and make them more prepared and safer on the jobsite.”

The podcast series is ongoing and will cover a wide range of topics, including low-level access, electrification, augmented reality, and other innovations impacting the access industry. Podcasts are archived and available any time on the JLG DirectAccess site. Subscribers to DirectAccess receive monthly updates from JLG with newly posted content.

Users can visit DirectAccess, listen to the new podcast series, and subscribe to updates at www.jlg.com/en/direct-access. For more information about JLG, visit www.jlg.com.


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