JLG Enhances Service Offerings

JLG Industries has a new vision: For its services to be known as well as its equipment, which will, in turn, produce a better return on investment for its customers. In order to accomplish this goal, the McConnellsburg, Pa.-based company is rebranding its service and aftermarket businesses under one brand name, JLG Ground Support.

First reported in the February issue of Lift and Access, this new initiative reinforces and underscores the company's commitment to this part of its business and further strengthens the JLG brand.

According to Dave Baxter, director of marketing, aftermarket products and services, the most significant changes to rebranding JLG's aftermarket and service options will be getting the JLG name into each area of after-the-sale support. This will include renaming several of its operations, such as changing ServicePlus to JLG Service Centers and PartsPlus to JLG Aftermarket Parts. “No more cute names,” Baxter said. “We want to keep it simple.”

He added that a major enhancement is being designed for JLG Training with the incorporation of a Learning Management System. JLG will have select courses and prerequisite modules available online, and students will be able to register for courses online and maintain their training history with an individual account, he said.

Additionally, service literature and logos will have the same look and feel. And on JLG's newly redesigned corporate website, its aftermarket and service offerings are reorganized, making it easier for users to navigate and find the services they need.

Attributes of the new program include enhanced personnel expertise, increased responsiveness to service, and added convenience to equipment owners by increasing the capacity of service personnel in areas with greater needs. Baxter added that JLG Ground Support not only places an emphasis on machine and service performance, but it also focuses on an all-out effort from JLG's service and aftermarket team.



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