JLG Introduces Ladder Alternative, Unveils ClearSky Telematics

A personnel and portable lift, the LiftPod from McConnellsburg, Pa.-based JLG Industries combines the portability of a ladder with the stability of a work platform. JLG demonstrated the lift last week at ConExpo.

With an enclosed platform and 14-foot working height, it provides greater stability than ladders and allows workers to move within the basket, hands-free, helping to increase safety. It contains a work tray to carry tools and materials, increasing productivity, and quality of work.

Each of the lift's three modules weighs about 50 pounds and can be carried and moved by one person. Lift elevation is controlled by a battery-operated drill or an optional battery pack.

The personnel lift fills the gap between traditional work platforms and ladders. “Maintenance engineers, facility managers, and contractors can transport the LiftPod like a ladder and have the stability of a work platform, using both hands to perform their jobs to increase efficiency and safety,” noted Jeff Ford, product parent at JLG. “Plus it improves quality of work by eliminating the hassles associated with walking up and down a ladder.”

The company also officially unveiled its connected asset system, customized specifically for aerial work platforms. The system, dubbed ClearSky, provides maintenance history and tracks machine health in real time. The company will also be deploying a pilot program in Europe and Australia in the coming months. Click here for previous industrialliftandhoist.com reports on the new telematics.


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