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JLG Introduces SkyGuard Aftermarket Accessory

JLG Industries Inc., McConnellsburg, Pa., reports the SkyGuard aftermarket control sensor is now available for its boom lifts. When activated by approximately 50 pounds of force from a variety of angles, the SkyGuard sensor will stops all boom lift functions.


Its reverse functionality stops all functions and then undoes most functions that were in use at the time of sensor activation for less than a second. The control system automatically accesses the functions in use by the operator at the time of SkyGuard activation, and for a short time it is able to reverse that sequence, with the exception of certain functions.


In a situation where extreme force is exerted, the sensor bar breaks away to provide additional space for the operator. A horn and optional blue flashing beacon simultaneously alerts other workers on the job site to sensor activation.


“SkyGuard was developed after extensive research and testing,” said Jeff Ford, JLG Industries global product director. “The results clearly demonstrate JLG’s ongoing commitment to innovation that enhances both productivity and enhanced control panel protection.”


Positioned in front of the platform control panel, SkyGuard does not limit platform work space or the capacity of the boom lift or disrupt operator visibility. SkyGuard uses no movable parts, eliminating the need for scheduled or additional maintenance. In addition, it can be installed on most combustion-powered JLG boom lifts manufactured in 2004 and after.


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