JLG Now Supplies Hinowa Compact Aerial Lifts


JLG Industries, McConnellsburg, Pa., announces it will brand four models of Hinowa, S.p.A. compact aerial lifts as JLG, which feature a light overall vehicle weight, the ability to pass through a narrow doorway, outriggers for leveling, and drive on rubber tracks. 

“JLG selected Hinowa to produce these specialty boom lifts for us based on their product quality, innovation, and technical expertise," said Tim Morris, JLG global vice president, sales, marketing and customer support. "We believe that JLG will help expand the market outside of Europe for these products, as well as provide JLG’s European customers with a one-stop shop for all of their access product and aftermarket service needs.”

Hinowa President Dante Fracca said that the company remains committed to its distributor partners in Europe, which will continue to sell and service Hinowa-branded lifts. "We further believe that JLG’s global presence and brand will help grow this product’s popularity in North and South America, Asia Pacific, and other developing markets,” he said.

The initial product range will include four compact aerial lift models, ranging in platform height from 45'11" to 75'6". These models will be available with gasoline, diesel or lithium-ion power.JLG will market and sell these products to its network of distributors and customers and will be responsible to provide its Ground Support services, including parts, repair and maintenance, training and technical support. JLG expects to have these products ready for delivery in early 2011.

Hinowa will continue to market and sell the Hinowa-branded compact aerial lifts through its distributors in Europe and will support them with parts, service, training and technical support.

How will this agreement affect the current North American distributor of Hinowa products, Skakolift Inc., Houston Texas, formerly Reachmaster?  When reached for comment, Ebbe Christensen, president and CEO of Skako Lift, informed Lifting360 that the company's agreement with Hinowa will be ending, effective the end of 2010.

"We were surprised and disappointed that Hinowa has decided to make this move, as we have established a very strong dealer network for them here in North America, as well as selected areas of Central and South America," Christensen said. "We understand that when someone like JLG comes knocking on the door, it is hard to turn them away."  

With a well-established dealer network and a developing market in place, Christensen is not about to sit on his hands nor take this lying down. When asked about immediate plans, he said: "There are other quality products out there that we have monitored over the years that we now will be looking at, and we will be moving forward very quickly to replace the Hinowa line." Christensen has had conversations with his sales and distribution network and told Lifting360 that they are all supportive of any changes or upcoming moves he must make.  

"We obviously recognize and respect the status of a player like JLG; however, we learned a lot through our pioneering of the tracked lift product, and once we do select a new product, we will be able to maintain our momentum," he said. "In the meantime, we hope to work out a sensible transition plan for the Hinowa line with JLG to secure uninterrupted service for our customers."