JLG Updates E300AJP Electric Boom Lift

JLG Updates E300AJP Electric Boom Lift

JLG Industries, McConnellsburg, Pa., displayed an updated 30-foot platform height E300AJP electric boom lift at The Rental Show. Among the improvements were smaller batteries, standardized tires, and gravity down for increased efficiencies.

Previously, the E300AJP employed 370 Ah batteries, but by switching to 305 Ah batteries, JLG found that the smaller battery size reduces charging time. With the 375 Ah batteries, battery recharging took about 18 hours. By using the smaller 305 Ah batteries, JLG has reduced the machine's charging time to 14 hours. When the batteries are completely charged, the machine provides about 10.5 hours of continuous operation. Additionally, with the 375 Ah batteries, the machine was capable of 145 Peter Hird duty cycles. Now, it is capable of 175 Peter Hird duty cycles, which equates to 6.6 miles of driving along with 175 full lift and lower cycles on one battery charge. The reduced battery size also lowers replacement costs.

The E300AJP also features a standardized 25x7x12 tire size on all four tires. In the previous generation, the front axle featured a smaller tire size. By standardizing all four tires, machine owners only have to stock one tire size rather than two.

Gravity down is a new feature on the E300 AJ and E300AJP. Previously, the E300 AJ and E300AJP used power from a motor and pump to pressurize the lift down circuit, which consumed energy. The current E300AJ and E300AJP use a solenoid with minimal amp draw to open a holding valve, allowing oil in the lift cylinder to exit through an orifice for a smooth, controlled, and quiet power-saving descent.

The pothole protection bars also have been repositioned to ensure that they won't become hung up when crossing over a steep threshold, such as a 25 percent incline breaking over to a level surface. A drive orientation sensor is now standard, which helps prevent inadvertent travel in the wrong direction if the boom is positioned beyond the two rear wheels in either direction. The system includes an override switch that must be engaged to enable the drive function if the boom is not positioned between the rear drive wheels.

At the base of the machine, a new multi-digital indicator (MDI) displays battery state of charge, hours on the unit and fault codes when they exist to assist in quicker troubleshooting. A worm gear/bull gear replaces the worm swing-drive system for a smoother swing function, less energy consumption, and longer wear.

One final update is a cast counterweight replaces the stacked plates design for easier, quicker assembly. It requires no wrap-around steel plate for appearance, and it reduces welding seams and potential rust areas.


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