JLG's AccuPlace with Ride Control

At ConExpo, JLG Industries, McConnellsburg, Pa., will introduce the AccuPlace with Ride Control option. This new control system technology and suspension system will be available beginning in June as a built-to-order optional package on new G10-55A and G12-55A telescopic handlers.

AccuPlace allows operators with any level of experience to pick and place materials easier through the linear movement of the boom. Using distributed hydraulics, AccuPlace allows the boom to move in a linear motion, traveling on the X or Y axis rather than following an arc. With a single joystick motion, the load can move vertically up the side of scaffolding or a building and shift straight out horizontally. Essentially, this system offers many of the same benefits of a traversing boom telehandler in a fixed boom design.

The controls are easy to use and similar to standard G10-55A and G12-55A controls, with the exception of a button on the joystick that allows the operator to switch between AccuPlace mode and standard mode. With AccuPlace switched on, machine movements are less jarring, making it more comfortable for the operator. Telehandler boom speeds are 12-percent quicker, so the operator can efficiently place the load and move to the next job.

The load chart remains the same with the AccuPlace option. On the G10-55A, for example, the maximum capacity is 10,00 pounds, capacity at maximum height is 5,000 pounds, and capacity at maximum reach is 3,000 pounds with outriggers down.

According to Rebecca Yates, telehandler specialist, incorporating distributed hydraulics is the primary reason JLG is able to offer AccuPlace. The distributed hydraulic system does not require a main valve bank to control the flow of hydraulic oil. Instead, there is a single loop of hosing with one hose going into and out of each actuator. Because of this system's design, there are less connections and less leak points, which minimizes potential for problems and maintenance downtime. For example, the current JLG G10-55A has 323 points, while the JLG G10-55A with AccuPlace has 235 points.

AccuPlace also improves auxiliary hydraulic flow by 25 percent from 15 gpm to 20 gpm. This increases performance of attachments, such as augers and sweepers.

The other feature in this package is Ride Control, which is a suspension system for the boom. Yates said by adding an accumulator, Ride Control provides better support for the load on the forks, keeping it from being dropped, and the machine can travel faster with the load.


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