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John Deere Clarifies Position on Biodiesel Fuel Usage

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS), Waterloo, Iowa, reports that biodiesel fuels up to a 20-percent blend can be used in its Tier 3/Stage III engines, officially clarifying its position on the renewable fuel made from agricultural resources.

The company said that while 5 percent blends (B5) are preferred, biodiesel concentrations up to a 20-percent blend (B20) in petroleum diesel fuel can be used in John Deere engines through Tier 3/Stage III A models, including all non-emissions-certified engines. Biodiesel blends up to B20 can be used only if the biodiesel • 100-percent biodiesel or B100 • meets ASTM D6751 (U.S.), EN 14214 (EU) or equivalent specification.

“While we prefer the use of B5 biodiesel blends, we also know that when high-quality B20 blends are available, they work well in John Deere engines,” said Grant Suhre, manager of field service for JDPS. “If customers make sure the biodiesel meets the ASTM D6751 standard, is stored and mixed properly, and is used shortly after manufacture, they can continue to rely on John Deere engines while using B20.”

Biodiesel users are encouraged to purchase biodiesel blends from a BQ-9000 Certified Marketer and to source from a BQ-9000 Accredited Producer, as certified by the National Biodiesel Board. Certified Marketers and Accredited Producers can be found at

John Deere-approved fuel conditioners containing detergent/dispersant additives, such as John Deere Premium Biodiesel Fuel Conditioner, are recommended when using lower biodiesel blends but are required when using B20 blends.

Visit for more information on biofuels and the proper way to use them in John Deere engines.


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